Saturday, March 22, 2008

Box O' Rocks

Last week Obbie and I went to the dollar store. At the dollar store, they sell bags of rocks & glass stones in little net bags. Lots of rocks & glass stones in little net bags. All KINDS of rocks & glass stones in little net bags. I guess people use them to make their plants purdy, and for craft projects.

Some of the bags have broken open (or ripped open by the unparented hoodlum children that run amok at the dollar store) and many of the boxes have all kinds of loose rocks & glass stones in them. Amy, ever cheap, thought, "Where do all the loose rocks go?" I posed the question to the manager while we were checking out. Without missing a beat, she said, "I release them back into the wild." (Points were awarded for the best answer of the day) She smiled and said, "I usually just throw them out." THROW THEM OUT?! Oh the horror. That kind of talk makes me just a little queasy. Me, who will wear shoes until you can read thru the sole, me who washes out sour cream containers for leftovers. "I tell you what, instead of throwing them out, the next time you restock them, would you just dump all the loose ones in a box, and I'll buy them from you." She looked at me, and said, "Come with me." I followed her to rock aisle, and she proceeded to fill a box with the loose rocks & glass stones from all the boxes. "Here you go" and handed me the box. "How much do you want for them?" "Nothing. I would have thrown them out anyway. Go ahead and take them" WHOO HOO. This is great! I left gleefully hugging my box of rocks.

The 7 pound box of rocks is still sitting in my kitchen waiting for it's next mission in life. Anyone want some rocks??

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