Sunday, September 23, 2007

Holy Crap!

I can't believe that the last time I updated was the 16th of September. Sorry about that. (not that anyone really visits much anymore, but thats okay, I deserve no readers for not updating in a timely fashion, or talking about anything of interest.)

After I came back from vacation, I hit the ground running. Work wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it'd be, but still it's crazy busy.

The Beadwhisperer is booked in a craft show almost every weekend from now until Thanksgiving. Yes, I have lost my mind, thanks for asking. Also, Christmas is coming and now is the time to order your custom jewelry creations for those you love. (I'm just sayin)

This week the car gets new tires, the furnace gets it's annual clean & checkup, we visit Mom on Friday, and do the Townfest on Saturday.

And on Sunday we rest.

There is a lady in town who thinks I should teach beading classes at her store. She'd like me to do them on Sundays, but I'm balking at that idea. Sundays are going to pretty much be the day I pass out and become one with my couch. I haven't informed her of that. She's pretty gung ho on the bead classes, but dosen't have any idea WHAT she'd like taught. "Everything! Everything you do here!" she says waving her arms at my display. "And maybe, if you buy better beads, you can put your jewelry in my store to sell." WTF? Um. Okay. Backhanded compliment anyone? Better beads, pffft. Try same beads, jacked up prices. Dayum.

Anyway, that particular exchange could well be a whole blog entry one day. Nice lady, very energetic, but can suck the all the air out of the room once she gets going. Ai, yi yi.

And thats where I'm at.

Carry on.

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