Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Recap

In a nutshell, and the emphasis should be on NUT.

Saturday morning we left bright & early for the craft show. Which was held at a nearby state park. A state park which is VERY heavily populated with TREES. The craft show, alas, was held in an open field, with trees around the perimeter. At least the cars were under the trees....
We got the pop up tent set up, and then the tables, and found there was a large DIP in our booth area. So we worked our display around the dip, and hoped that some LOL wouldn't walk into it and take a header into the display.

It was a hot day, and the crowds were way less than in years past. The man next to us blamed it on gas prices, Shrub and the war. He also started drinking Pepsi and whiskey about 12:30. We ended up making our expenses back, which in the past, has always been my goal. Lately I have higher expectations (delusions of grandeur?) and want MORE than just the daily expenses. Oh well.

I called my Mom after the show, for she had expressed an interest in taking some bracelets to her card club on Thursday night. I figured theres a chance of a sale with that, and I wouldn't have to do much. We met her at Red Slobster for dinner, and made the trade off. Dinner was surprisingly good. Since it's become a bit of tradition to have a beer after a show, we each had a Coors Light (not my first choice, since it's just fizzy water) but this time it was pretty good.

After the bracelet handoff, we headed for home. We were both hot, sweaty and tired, but Obbie was sporting not one, but two bumps on his head (Or 'goozles' as his mom used to call them) Dear Obs swung around to put a tub in the car and conked his head on the upraised tailgate. Ten minutes later he did it again. I have no comment except for hoping that he'll look up from now on.

After we got home, I think it took me all of ten minutes to fall asleep after I stretched out on the couch. Obbie woke me up at 11:00 and shooed me off to bed, where I sawed logs until about 3:30 am. Around that time, I was awoken by these terrible screaming cat noises. Really loud and really piercing. I was afraid that John Doe, who is getting old and frail, had decided that 3:30 am was the time he was going to go to kitty Heaven. I thundered down the stairs, and following the screaming. I came upon Maxx sitting in the window, and another cat, sitting outside on the end table on the porch, screaming at each other! Maxx was all puffed up and pissed off, so I shooed the outside cat away ("SHUT UP!! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE"!!) and petted Maxx and climbed back upstairs to bed.

Sunday was a total non-day. We went for breakfast at Grouchos, then went home and laid around until later in the afternoon. A Bonanza marathon, three newspapers and two naps later, we had a quick dinner (grilled kielbasa & potato salad) and left for Waynesboro, where our favorite people were playing music. It's kind of a matinee thing, going from 7:30 to 10:30, but that still got us home at 11:45, which is WAAAY past my bedtime, especially since I'm up at 5:00. So yes, I'm just a little tired.

And here we are, back at work again.

Does it mean I've grown as a professional if I wait to call someone a Crackhead AFTER I hang up the phone?

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