Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Or the middle o'the week like most people call it.

I'm painful today. My head is killing me, and my fingers ache. Nothing like a preview of what arthritis is going to be like, eh? Lovely.

I'm gearing up for the two day event in Nanticoke, PA starting Friday. I've only laid out 40 bucks for the booth for two days, but there's a hotel room factored in ($100) and gas up and back ($50?) so to break even, we'll have to sell $200 worth of stuff right off the bat. Ha. Frickin' Ha Ha. At the last event, we sold 25 kid necklaces, and made expenses back that way.
And THAT was only a half hour car trip away. 25 kid necklaces is hard way to make back the daily expenses! It's especially appalling when the 3 buck necklaces outsell the quality gemstone pieces 20 to 1. Sad. And according to prices I've seen online, I am NOT overpricing the good stuff. Underpricing, probably, but for sure, not overpricing.

Sorry, I'm just randomly bitching. Things are really starting to bother me lately, not the least of which being the jewelry business (or lack of business) I've got zero ambition to create, and THAT really bothers me. I have lots of material, but I just sit in front of it and can't do anything with it. That makes me very sad. Of course, to add salt in the wound, I ran a total of all money spent on material (at least what I have receipts for) and came up with a very high number. Compared to the very low number in sales this year, it makes for some very depressing mind games. I have to remember that this is the FUN job, not the REAL job, and maybe I'll get back to the joy of creating jewelry.

I hope so.


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