Thursday, May 24, 2007


The internet used to be my favorite place to hang out. The blogosphere was young, and coming into it's own, and interesting funny people were blogging. I had a daily list of 20+ bloggers that I HAD to read daily. Ebay was still an auction site, and I was a member of several forums that were fun and interesting. The forums, especially, were a way to keep in touch with dozens of friends across the globe.

Lately it seems, it's all boring. I don't have a daily blog list like I used to, I can't get a deal on anything on eBay, since it's all Buy It Now, or wired by snipers and bid shillers. The forums, aren't nearly as fun anymore. The same subjects are rehashed daily, and the same people say the same stupid shit they've been saying for years. It's all gotten very tiresome.

It seems like most of my online friends have drifted away too. I understand that people grow and move on. They have lives off the computer, which is good. But I think back on those days, and the friendships I had made and marvel at how quickly they all disappeared. I don't blame anyone for this. I think in this day and age of instant information, instant messages, you get instant friendships. Which are a good and a bad thing. You can't just drop by for coffee with someone who lives in Wisconsin if you're from Pennsyvania. Sure, you have friends in the far flung reaches of the world, but have you sat down in person with them and talked all night?

I think our parents had real friends. People who were there for them. People who, when hearing of a tragedy or a crisis, showed up with food, sympathy and offers of "Whatever I can do to help." I suppose this is still kind of true, but somehow "I'll keep you in my prayers" isn't nearly as powerful as a green bean casserole and a hug. Did our folks have fewer yet better friends? Or does our generation(s) have quality by numbers?

Just something to ponder.


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