Saturday, March 10, 2007


Finally. Saturday. I'm SO glad. You have no idea. Really. It's not that I don't like my job. Actually, since the great upheaval of last fall, I've rather become attached to my position. I understand whats going on, and I think eventually I'll be very good at it. But it's hard sometimes. I'd like to say more, and use this blog as my vent spot, my sounding board, like I did when I first started. But I'm not going to. I gave my word.

Anyway. I'm pleased that it's Saturday. I've done 90% on this piece of beadwork that I've been toying with for several years. Now I'm into the homestretch. I can't wait to put it up here and let y'all comment (even though it's the same people commenting COME ON YOU GUYS. I KNOW MORE THAN THREE PEOPLE (besides the haters) READ THIS DAILY!!) Anyway, I got most of it done, and will start working on it again after I close up for the night. I've got a load of silver beads in the tumbler, getting shiny, for they've gotten rather dingy and filthy over the years, and I'll be needing them in the next couple days for the projects I must bang out for the art show over the weekend. Since I'm crisis motivated, I can usually do a set (Necklace, bracelet and earrings) in an evening. I need five of those, several pairs of earrings, a few bracelets, and three or four eyeglass leashes. I'm also experimenting with a newer thing - Lanyards. Lots of people have to wear an ID badge at work. So why not wear it with some style? We'll see, anyway. It's just a length of wire, with beads strung on it, and a lanyard holder-thingy on the bottom. Easy. We'll see if I actually get any done.

Obbie's doing some displays for me tomorrow. We're making paper mache' rocks for signage holders. It sounds pretty neat. If they turn out just as neat as they sound, you'll get to see them too.

And with that, I'm off. To finish the project and to start a new one. CARRY ON!

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