Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And so it Goes

Thanks for your advice, Doctor Love, but all that sounds like too much work. I'll just use wordpad awhile and see what happens.

Okay. Long story short, the band played a 15 minute sound check, and a ten minute first set..The stupid, drunk KIDS were out in force. We had enough and went home, old farts that we are. Meh.

On Saturday, we went to the beach for the weekend. Actually, we left Saturday morning, and came back Sunday night. We needed a change of scenery, and the best place to do that was at the beach. We visited the big community yard sale, ate pizza (yes, Puffin, GROTTO) walked all around town, and for the evening's festivities, had dinner and multiple beers at the Dogfish Head Brewery. YUM. I highly recommend their cranberry vodka, and Lightmower Light Ale.

Sunday we came home, via the long way, and ended up in Media, PA. To our great surprise, we found another brewpub, Iron Hill Brewery, and had lunch/dinner, and sampled a brew or two. VERY nice. After a disappointing trip thru the neighboring Trader Joe's, we made our way home.

Of course, the payback for that nice weekend has been in the form of the week from hell, and it's only Thursday. Obbie has some work and personal hassles that are making him rather unpleasant, which in turn makes ME rather unpleasant. Add to that unpleasantness, some upcoming craft show hysteria, and you have the makings of one shitty week.

We did manage to watch Casino Royale, the latest James Bond flick, last night. Ian Fleming is rolling in his grave. What a piece of crap that was! Sheesh. At least we didn't pay big bucks to see it at the theatre, so back to Netflix it goes.

The weather is beeeautiful, and all my daffodils & crocus are blooming. THAT makes me happy. At least something does, anyway. Sheesh..

And so on and so on. Stay tuned, we can only hope it gets better from here.

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