Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And the Bead Goes On

A title which I'm sure I've used at least once in this blog's history, but it's just so damn clever I'm using it again.

Yeah, right.

Three weeks until the first show of the year. We have a new design to the booth, and I have new stuff to 'present'. How utterly special. Always before the shows start, I have that uneasy, queasy feeling. That what I'm putting out there isn't good enough. Isn't professional enough. Isn't pretty enough. Nobody is going to buy it, and people will say "Ha are you kidding me!" to my face.

Don't be absurd, says Obbie.

I err on the side of absurd, thanks very much. And so, while erring on the side of absurd, I'll also wallow a bit in my low self esteem. It's warm and comfy there. Nothing says comfort like breathing into a brown paper sack.

Oh the drama! I shouldn't even be doing this if I'm going to flog myself with negativity every time I'm up to do a show.

But the chain maille is just so damn cool. And not too many people are doing it. And the other stuff is a little more unusual than what everyone else is doing (crystal, spacer, crystal)

But here I am. Mailling along and waiting for spring. Today it occurred to me how much I HATE winter. And that I'm REALLY ready for it to be over. Like now. The pretty, white, soft snow came down, and is now ugly black chunks of ice covered in gravel stacked on the sides of the road. Enough! Begone with you. I want to cut my grass and play in the dirt! Not mince down the driveway remembering that one slip on the ice could land me back in the hospital and at the mercy of my mom saying "I told you so!!" Brr....that gives me chills. I've spent a week poring over the seed catalogues and am finalizing my order. By this time next month, I should have seeds in peat pots under the homemade light system in my kitchen. THEN spring is right around the corner.

Oh yeah. I'm soo ready. Now about that art show....

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