Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's So Bad We Have To Go Out of Town For Bloggable Stuff!

Sue me. I haven't had much to tell lately. (And I haven't been reading much either)

Obbie and I went to Baltimore on Saturday and ran around. It was 70 degrees out, and everyone is the universe (mostly) was there. Of course, the nimrods all running around without coats, in shorts and tank tops (Pasty white skin, anyone?) I was looking for a bathroom to wash my hands all day. Half the people out and about were hacking and sneezing, without covering their mouths. God that was disgusting. People are pigs. No wonder the flu is rampant. When did parents stop telling kids to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough? Gross, just gross.

Besides being highly germaphobic all day, we got in some major people watching. Things I've noticed: People with baby strollers are the rudest bastards on the planet. No shit. Get out of the way of their big old stroller with the mag wheels and hood ornaments or they'll run you over. Without saying "Excuse me" or anything. It's like they are the most important people in the world, and you, you childless couple you, are nothing but plankton. So move, or we'll run you over with our thousand dollar baby buggy. Get bent, I say. You and your Baby Gap/Babystyle/Babywit garbed infants/toddlers. My curse to you is that they grow up to be as ignorant as their parents.


One of the day's high points was a stop at Vaccaro's Italian Pastries in Little Itay. We had never been there before, and just happened upon the shop as we were wandering about in Little Italy.
Oh Lord. What glorious things are on their menu!! We got cappucinos, and split this thing they call "COLOSSEO". Which is Homemade Belgian Waffle with Gelato and whipped cream topping. Of course, we had something called "Nina" which was a homemade Belgian Waffle with Peanutto Gelato and hot fudge with whipped cream topping. We split a half of one of these monsters and could barely move. Thank goodness we were walking around all day! It was glorious. We're going back again someday to sample more Italian goodies. The cannoli chips and cannoli cream is speaking to me right now. YUM!!

After that, we trekked around looking in store windows and gawking at the gawker gawking at us. It was a fine day. We grabbed a slice of pizza to absorb all the sugar and headed home.

That evening was Obbie's company holiday party. It was a buffet in a hotel with a DJ, and would be one of those events I'd usually avoid like the plague. But I love Obbie, and he's suffered through enough of my stupid events, so I went happily. It was a good thing too. I actually won a prize. The last time I won anything was waaaay back in the late 80's when I guessed The Grateful Dead in a song contest and won ten pounds of rice and a wok. So the Bass Pro Shop gift card, and assorted outdoorsy items I nabbed on Saturday night was a treasure trove beyond imagination. I guess we'll be going shopping at the Mega-Super Bass Pro in the Big City over the weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to find the stuff I want. (Spiderwire fishing line, perfect for beadweaving, and tumbling media for my rock tumbler.) So it was a good evening.

And that, my peeps, was the weekend. Sunday was football day, and now since the damn Steelers didn't get into the playoffs, I have to root for the Eagles. Wouldn't it be something if Jeff Garcia got them to a Super Bowl? Hah. Imagine!

Take care, and stay tuned. Weirdness lurks around every corner, so you never know what might be waiting to be blogged next.

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