Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday Cheer

Or general stupidity, take your pick.

Obbie picked me up last night and took me to the Big Chocolate Manufacturer thats right here in Central PA. He's working there for now since the PR business went tits up (more or less) and thats a blog of a different sort. Anyway. Last night was Employee Discount Night at Cocoa Universe. With a ride of how the chocolate process works, pretty lights, and shopping for Big Chocolate Manufacturer wares, including clothes, mugs, and CANDY.

Much to my surprise, it's a big deal to go to the Sweetest Place on Earth to gawk at lights, buy overpriced sandwiches and ride the rides. The place was PACKED. And with idiots too. As we're pulling into the parking lot, some pre-teen kid shot out between two parked cars and walked right in front of us without even looking up. Her slack jawed parents were hot on her heels and they all looked surprised when Obbie hit the breaks and beeped the horn a little. "Oh! A car! In a parking lot! Wow!" Morons. Nothing was standing between them and their free candy bar at the end of the free candy factory ride. Again I say, morons.

After our heart rates returned to normal, we headed toward the store. Our progress was slowed by herds of people leaving with CARTS full of discounted candy. CARTS. FULL. Amazing. It's going to be a chocolate Christmas for a lot of people by the looks of those carts. Jeezus. We made our way into the World of Chocolate. They refurbished the 'factory' ride last year, so we thought we'd have a go of it. (Mind you, we've both been on that ride 20 zillion times, but we had to go AGAIN because it wouldn't be a trip to The Sweetest Place on Earth if you didn't go on the ride.) Ten minutes, 3 singing cows and several bored teenagers later, we were deposited at the mouth of the big store. I'm not going to hate on that, because if you really REALLY want to wear a tin foil hat, thats your business. But I can't see wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts in the colors of your favorite chocolate candy delights. Especially for 20 or 30 bucks. But thats just me.

We had a cup of coffee (yes, coffee at 6 at night, shut up you) and shopped in the big store. Some stuff was cheaper than retail, other stuff wasn't. Even with the employee discount some things weren't a deal. But we managed to obtain some gifts, and stock up on some baking supplies. My favorite things in the world, Dark Chocolate with Blueberries, Cranberries and Macadamia nuts were quite cheaper than in the grocery, so of course, I sneaked one into the shopping basket. I'll eat that a little at a time. Just a bite, let it melt in my mouth. Mmmm.

We beat feet back to the car, and got the hell out of there. Just in time too, as several tour busses pulled in and were discharging hoards of passengers. Eek. Run away!!

The biggest adventure as of late, which is rather sad when I read back over it. But, you do what you have to do to get by. And lately, it feels like we're barely getting by.

I've taken on another beading project, since the netted ornament literally blew up in my hands when I was finishing it. It was quite a disappointment to spend two weeks working on something to have it break as I was on the last row. I'd show you what else I'm making but for some reason the pic won't load onto blogger. Oh well. Maybe I'll actually finish a project instead of half assing it, but one never knows. I wanted to start baking cookies, but my Christmas Cookie Notebook with all the recipes has gone missing. Thats no good. Tonight, maybe, I'll be able to find it and start the process.

Heads up, it's FRIDAY! Obbie works tomorrow, so I'm left to my own devices. I hava no money, so shopping is out. That leaves beading and cookies. Not a bad way to go, really.

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