Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tech Much?

Not much to report so far this week. The previously mentioned tumbler is still riding shotgun with me in the car (I'm returning it today!!) The silver clay experience is at a standstill while I sketch and ponder other ways to make these bracelets. (All done behind closed eyes as I nap on the couch.)

Obbie lost his cell phone on Monday, which has turned out to be a maddening exercise in paranoid technology. Call the company, wait on hold, talk to one idiot, get transferred to another idiot, get hung up on by the second idiot when they try to transfer you to a higher paid idiot. Finally talk to a lesser idiot, who puts the phone number in suspension hell. The next day, Obs finds the cell phone he had before the one he lost, and wonders aloud if they'll transfer his old number to that phone. (NOT!! according to Organic Lisa. Logic being that if the old phone (and number) are lost, the finder may be making calls to East Bumfuck on Peak hours, if the old number is reactivated, the finder could still be making calls...right?) Aaagh. This drama wouldn't be a big deal to most people. However, Obbie isn't most people. He's been sending out resumes with that number on them. His business cards have that number on them. The only way some people can reach him is through that number. Now what? Advice is always accepted. I say take the chance and see if the phone company will reactivate the older phone with the number from the lost phone. If any weird outgoing calls show up then they show up. I think by now the chip has been taken out of that phone, and it's being used by someone who thinks that Monday was their Christmas....Who'da thunk you'd find a camera phone laying in the street!! Pop the chip and take it their local cell phone kiosk in the mall, and taa daaa! A new phone! Or it's been tossed into a trash can someplace. Who knows? I just hate the hassle and the drama that goes with the whole scenario.

My phone is just something that weights my purse down. I call Organic Lisa in the AM on the way to work (Prime talk for us to gab uninterrupted, mostly) and call Obbie to see if he wants anything at the store (moot point now, eh?) and the odd calls from friends I don't see often, but talk to on the phone. When I got the phone, the idea was to drop my service at home, get cable internet, and use the cell as my primary number. Alas. The cell dosen't work in my house. Handily screwing up the whole plan. So I still have dial up at home, I still have regular cable TV, and am paying for a phone number thats only used by bill collectors, survey takers and the political robo dialers. Oh, and my Mom, after she calls the cell three or four times. I like to say I'm not addicted to my cell phone, but it IS a large part of my communications now, dammit. I'm ready to upgrade to a new one, but for the amount of money I pay every month to the cell people, they should give me a camera phone for free. A pink Razer camera phone at that. But no, they want me to pay. So I'll wait. I'm patient like that.

And speaking of waiting, Obbie's out of the shower, so I better get my ass in gear. We're all kinds of early this morning, but thats better than being all kinds of late. I hate late and the whole rushing around thing. It disrupts my schedule.

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