Monday, November 27, 2006

A Simple Twist of......Maxx?

Maxx's recovery has been quite astonishing. Apparently, I was more traumatized by the whole thing than he. As I speak, he's at my feet, rubbing his cheeks on my slippers and rolling around on his back. So weird. So 'un-Maxx-like'. Last night, he climbed up on the couch beside me (at a safe distance) and proceeded to get comfy. He actually let me scratch under his chin and rub his ears.
Very impressive. He might actually grow up to be not so psycho. GOOD.

Over the weekend I obtained some 'Nature's Miracle'. Honey, if you have animals, get that stuff. It is SO worth the price. Really. You douse the affected areas with this stuff, and within an hour or so, the smell is GONE. I put it in a spray bottle and went around spraying where I thought I smelled cat. (everywhere....) My house is back to it's normal smell now, and I'm a happy, happy girl. You know I don't endorse many products, but I have to say, Nature's Miracle is truly a thing of beauty. Plain white bottle with black and red lettering, in your pet supply section of Agway or the pet store chains. It comes in small, medium or gallon size bottles. And they make stuff to take away skunk smell too. I'm writing them a letter later today praising them to the high heavens.

And here's a picture of the "Marmalade Mafia" preparing for the post breakfast Sunday siesta:
Nice Devil eyes on Pete and Maxx.

And that is pretty much all I have now. Barney tossed his catnip mouse into the water I have to go save it, and put it over the hot air vent to dry out a little. Dainty Barney won't get his foot wet to save his own mouse.

Have a good Monday!

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