Thursday, November 16, 2006

Resolution Revolution

The phone drama detailed yesterday has been resolved.

Obbie's 'business partner' is closing the office effective Dec. 1.

Not unexpected, really.

He's calling all his contacts (I was freaking out about the lost phone numbers, and he says, "I didn't have any numbers stored on it. And proceeded to rattle off the phone numbers of five people I know he's in contact with. I was was taken aback and just shut up.)

At least now, Obbie knows what is going on. For two or three months now, he's been rather puzzled about her behavior, and the lack of communication between them. When he was able question her, she became evasive, then defensive. It became easier to just chalk it up to her being distracted and move along.

The job hunt begins in earnest now. As does moving a shitload of crap out of the office. Who knows? Maybe this is a good thing.

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