Friday, October 13, 2006

Randumb Pre Show Nausea

AAARGH! AAARGH! It's a show!! It's a road trip!! AAAARGH! AAARGH! I don't have enough stuff to sell!! We're not packed!! EEK! Displays! Chairs!! Tablecloths!! U-pins!! Gummy labels!! EEK!! Paper Towels!! Windex!!

(Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.)

Oh. Okay. We've done this before. A hundred times before. It's no big deal. Whats the worst that could happen?

"You spent 100 bucks on a vendor space. You're spending money on hotel rooms. You've been buying beads and supplies to excess these past two weeks. You're spending money on gas to drive 300 miles round trip. You might not even sell anything. You could have paid a bunch of bills with all the money you're pissing away on this event."

Shut up, voice inside my head. I don't need your non supportive, non constructive naysaying right now. Piss off.

We're going. We're going to be fabulous. Peeps will FLOCK to buy my creations. We'll be busy little campers all day long.

And if not, we'll consider it our fall vacation to the leaf turning festival.

So there.

(Kudos to blogger for the new word verification thing. But I just don't get the wheelchair icon. Can't I park there or what?)


breathe, breathe, breathe.......

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