Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Go Away!

By now, you've all heard or read about what happened yesterday. Some nutcase with a 20 year old grudge and several guns barricaded himself inside a one room Amish schoolhouse, sent out the pregnant women and boys, and shot a bunch of little girls, and then himself. (Quick note, he was 32, so whatever he was still mad about happened when he was 12. 12! Good grief, it boggles the mind!)

Now the media whores have descended upon the community, shoving cameras in their faces, trying to get reactions from them. Prying into their lives, trying to show the rest of the world How Strange The Amish Are.

My words? Get out and leave them alone. The community needs to be left alone to mourn, grieve and deal with this TOGETHER. Without Greta Van Cistern, in a Gucci pantsuit, clenching her teeth and grilling the neighbor of a friend of someone who might be Amish. Hopefully, this will be a 48 hour story, and when Nancy Grace and Katie Couric figure out that nobody is going to talk to them, they'll go back to digging dirt on Chickenhawk Foley.

It's bad enough the shooting happened in an Amish community, but to have all these media whores stampeding the area, and intruding on people's lives is almost as bad. Go home! Buy a bunch of baked goods and go back to the big city. These people don't need this kind of thing.

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