Thursday, September 21, 2006

What? More Smartassery? But of course....

Last night, I stayed a little late at wwwk. Shocking, I know. But don't get all excited it was only 20 minutes or so.

Anyway. My ass was kicked, so I thought I'd stop in for a cuppa coffee on the way home. At my favorite coffee hut in the universe.

I was in line behind a couple people, and at the front of the line was this woman, very chic looking, late 50's early 60's, nice chi-chi hairdo, the works. She orders a chicken ceasar wrap. "But, without the mayonaise, without the bacon, without the mozzerella", she then took a dramatic pause, "and of course, no spinach." I felt so bad for the counter guy (barista, dear) but I started chuckling to myself. He then went into an explanation that the spinach wasn't leaf spinach, but a spinach wrap. Like in the dough of the pre-made wraps. For what that was worth. I could have explained global warming to one of the cats with better results. She was SO important, SO worried about her health, (no bacon/mayo/or mozz? sheesh, just give the ole' bat a piece o'chicken on a Ritz, for gawds sakes) that she'd hold up 8 people in line. I couldn't help but laugh. (It was a hard day a wwwk yesterday, so I was already punchy) So I laughed and mocked her all the way home. " AND OF COURSE, NOOOOO SPINACH"

I called Obbie, and he didn't answer, I even called stevil, and he didn't answer. All snarked up and nobody to share it with. Dammit I hate when that happens!

After I got home (and yelled at Obbie for not having his phone with him- "I left it at the office." "JESUS CHRIST, what good is a mobile phone if you leave it at work." bitch) I told HIM about the Of Course, No Spinach lady. That was the phrase of the evening, and we laughed about it a lot.

It has been noted, however, that in the future I am to refrain from consuming a 16oz coffee (1/4 decaf) on the way home from work.

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