Friday, July 21, 2006


Few things are more disheartening than doing a good job and having poor management ruin it by not acknowledging it, or nit picking. I'm just sayin.

Are there more bad drivers now than ever before? It sure seems like it.

Are there more people working in ‘customer service’ who have little or no concept of the word “Service”?

Everyone should own at least one Flash/Thumb/USB drive for their computer. One for backup, one for music, one for other files. They’re cheap.

Anyone have T-Mobile for their cell service? I do, and the reception is getting poorer as the weeks go on. I’m seriously considering switching carriers. Gotta love the fact you can keep your cell phone number if you change companies.

Today’s coffee choice is a large toasted almond, extra skim milk, two Splendas from Dunkin’ Donuts. Good stuff. (yes, SKIM. It’s a fat thing) They do need to stir it before they hand it out the window. No sweetener on the top, but a big blast at the bottom. I chuckle every time the nice Indian lady at the window says, “You have a good day, honey” I don’t know why, but it makes me smile.

Why do my old boyfriends keep getting in contact with me? I guess I don’t like to burn bridges. At least they don’t want money.

The sidebar with links is getting housecleaned this weekend. Some people aren't blogging anymore, others have moved on to different places. Plus I have some gadgets to add. Stay tuned.

Obbie is going to work in a warehouse for awhile. The PR business is kinda slow. If they don’t get paid, he don’t get paid. So, to keep everything cool, he’s going to be a picker/packer. We picked up some steel toed sneakers last night. I never knew there were such things. Alas, that required a trip to Walmart. Lots of unhappy people were shopping last night. Unsmiling, pissed off people. Daaam. Of course, Obbie and I laughed our way thru the store and made buying steel toed sneakers a hoot. He reminded me that on Mythbusters they proved that to have your toes cut off, 600 pounds need to be dropped on your steel toed shoes. Good to know, I reckon. Good old Mythbusters.

And so ends this edition of Randumb.

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