Friday, May 19, 2006

Randumb Friday - Home Home On The Range Edition

Ahhh....Friday. Gotta love them don't you? I'm even more in love with this particular Friday because I'M HOME TODAY! Yes, stingy Ames used up one of her vacation days for a day off. Not that I'll be slothing mind you, I have many projects today. Several things to list on ebay, more jewelry to make (slacker!!) cleaning that needs done (even though one of those chores is mopping the kitchen floor, it's damp outside, and I don't know if mopping is a good idea.) I don't want to get too gloaty on y'a'll who are working today, so I'll just jump right into the randumb:

Obbie and I went to
Colonel Denning State Park last night. Just for fun. The craft show is there tomorrow (From 9 to 3 if you're interested, local readers!!!) It's a beautiful place. A nice little lake, with a typical mountain beach, lovely wooded camping areas, several nice hiking trails. It's just great. And only about 25 miles from home. We are already planning on spending a couple weekends up there in the summer. State parks are a very important resource, and often overlooked. Here in PA, a tent campsite with water will run you 12 bucks a night. You can spent a whole week camping for 70 dollars. Bathrooms and showers all right there and usually pretty decent. Go visit a state park, you might just be surprised at what you'll find there.

The worst flooding in years up in the NorthEast. But wait. Wheres King George? Why haven't there been photo ops of him flying in to assess the damage? Survey the carnage? Declare states of emergency? He certainly was in Florida an awful lot last month during the wildfires. Oooh...silly me.

Of course! Blue States have been flooded...the damn Yankees, and his brother isn't a governor up there. How silly of me!!

Halushki was talking about organic produce and CSA's yesterday. (CSA-Community Supported Agriculture) or Subscription Farming. You pay a fee for a certain number of months, and each week or bi-weekly, you get a selection of the best fresh goodies from a local organic farm. It's a great plan. Right now I get organic eggs from some folks in Harrisburg. I got hooked on organic eggs back when I was selling organic produce for Chef Lisa and the organic Amish. Theres something about fresh eggs that come from non caged happy chickens that makes it so different from regular old store eggs. The yolks are bright orange/yellow, and they just taste....different...happier almost.
Our eggs are coming from Araucana chickens. Their claim to fame is the greenish/blue eggs they lay. It's like Easter every time we get an order. Dig it:

Well, dammit, they look green in person. Except the the brown ones. They're from different chickens, but they live with the araucanas, and are happy birds too.

I'm getting an education on rhinestone jewelry this week. Obbie has been ordered to clean out the rest of the 'junk' from his mom's house. The sisters and other relatives have taken what they wanted, and he's can have the rest. Last week he brings home 3 copy paper boxes FULL of costume jewelry. Including some gorgeous rhinestone stuff. I'm not a girly-girl, but I do love me some rhinestones. So I got to examining this stuff, and I noticed the mark on a couple pieces, asked Mr. Google, and viola! All the info in the world about Eisenberg Ice. Well. Then I ran a couple eBay searches. Well, again! Much to my suprise, Eisenburg Ice is a fairly popular 'brand' of costume jewelry and seems to sell rather well on the 'bay. As part of today's day off extragavanza, I'll be listing a couple pieces. There are some other things that might be ebayable too, and I may end up putting them on just for fun. I've put a link on my sidebar for my auctions, in the event you'd like to check out the stuff.

I had more randumb, but dammit I can't remember. They must have been pretty dumb....if they come back to me, I'll update later.

More coffee, please!!! Have a great Friday!

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