Saturday, April 01, 2006

So there, Nyah!

I'm back. I think. Just goes to show, one cannot be too anal about saving templates as a word document. I did that at the beginning of March because I was farting around with a new template. And I added a drop down menu for the snarkarchives. if I could just come up with the right template. Nothing premade does anything for me. I guess I know what I have to do, don't I?

Aside from the great blog flush, yesterday was rather interesting. For me, at least. Last evening after work, I had myself pretty well worked into a snit, but work was only about 60% of it. The whole blog thing pissed me off too. But I kind of thought that wasn't tragic, since I was certain I had at least an old template saved somewhere. My mother added to the snit, for the town has installed stop lights at her corner, and she is convinced that she's going to be killed in her chair watching Matlock. Indeed, it is one fucked up intersection, but I seriously doubt anyone is going to hit her house. Which I told her in an email (the best way for us to communicate, most times) That prompted her to fire off an email telling me how disappointed she is in how I care about The Home Place, and that I'll be sorry one day, wait and see. Now dammit, that pissed me off! I care a lot about that house, as I grew up there, but DAMN, if I worried about every little WHAT IF scenario that came along I'd be a basket case. I live 20 miles from Three Mile Island for shits sake. If I want to worry about something, I'll worry about that, okay? Jesus. Not dwelling on WHAT IF dosen't make me care any less, it just makes me not eat Tums like candy. I'm too busy not losing my mind over things I can control without getting an ulcer about whether or not a fully loaded semi is going to crash thru her living room and take her out. Moms needs a hobby. Or a boyfriend. Or something. She has entirely too much time to dwell on stuff. (a fully loaded semi or better yet and semi hauling toxic waste...they go thru towns all the time don't they?) Jeezus.

Obbie and I went to see the (former) Chef last night. Her kids love me, so they were bouncing off the ceiling when we got there. I brought them rabbit ears (oh SO cool!) and they FREAKED over them. After they calmed down (eh, sort of) We ate a great Mexican dinner then checked out their new house. The kids finally went to bed, and the adults got to chat a little. She's coming out of the gloom a little bit, I think. There is a ways to go, but she's getting there. I bought an acoustic guitar (wired to be electric) from (former) Chef. No, I don't play the guitar, but she had it on eBay last week, and nobody bid on it, so I bought it. Anyone want a Nappanee acoustic?

Tomorrow we are allegedly going to the flea market to sell crap. It's the first Sunday of the season, and it promises to be fuckin' nuts. We need to be up at the crack of dawn (made that much more complicated by moving the clocks ahead an hour tonight) but it could be worth it. The whole idea of standing around getting haggled down in price ("I'll give you a quarter" "But it's marked 30 cents already...") dosen't do much for me, but hey, a buck is a buck. And Lord knows theres enough stuff accumulated that we could make a few dollars for our troubles. Not to mention blog fodder for days.

Bop on over to my bead blog and check out the latest creation. I have to make some earrings to match it today, because it cries out for earrings.

And thats all the news that fits.

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