Friday, April 14, 2006

Randumb Friday, The Good Edition

I have the day off! Yippee! I slept in until the princely hour of 6:45! That is decadent for me, let me tell you. It's rainy today, and thats a big hooray too, but I'm not sure what is on our agenda. Obbie may or may not have to go in to his office to do some paperwork. We may or may not take a ride to a chocolate shop we saw on television this week. (PCN is a cool Pennsylvania cable channel, one of their better features is going around to Pennsylvania factories. Woodworking shops, candy shops, machine shops, things like that.) But I have a cup of coffee in hand, and I'm settled in for a little surfing action while we get ourselves together for the day. So ere's the randumb for you:

What exactly is the test of time? I know what the phrase, "It can stand the test of time" means, but what IS the test?

Obbie and are I both over 30. (way over, heh) Boyfriend and girlfriend sound so high school. 'Significant other' is rather pretentious. 'Life partner' dosen't work either. My Mom introduces him as "Amy's friend" which makes me laugh (you can see the italics when she says it) So, how should we introduce ourselves?

We were in Tarshaaaay last night, and I was struck by the number of pink ribbon themed items. Clothes, sneakers, athletic socks, sports bras, water bottles, and coolers were just a few. I think it's cool that our attention is being drawn to breast cancer awareness, but do you think that people will stop seeing it as a cause and more of a brand?

Cool A Ped lotion? Ever hear of that? Obbie was telling me about it this morning. Fuller Brush salesmen used to sell it. Peppermint lotion for hot, tired feet. Sounds good to me. (Which made me flashback to the Peppermint ice shampoo the Body Shop sold. Now THAT is a wake up potion!!)

The evening news has been more of a downer than usual lately. Between the 6 family members slaughtered in their home by a relative down the road, to the tornados in the Midwest, I think I'll just keep the news off for awhile. And thats not even getting into the clusterfuck in the White House. And this business of publishing the transcripts of Flight 93. Is that really necessary? It's not like anyone is going to forget that any time soon, so why rip open wounds that have started to heal a little bit? Moussaoui should just get the chair without any debate. Yeah, I'm an eye for an eye kind of person. Almost ten years working in the prison system will do that for you.

The price of gas when from 2.69 in the morning on the way to work, to 2.75 at lunchtime. What the fuck? (Nice rant, Dr. Love, you should start working out to relieve some of your frustrations)

Barry Bonds. In a sport rife with dickheads, he IS the chief dickhead. He should just stop trying to convince people he's not lying, admit it, and retire. Jackass. Baseball fans should be ashamed.

Next weekend is the Fort Washington Bead Show outside of Philadelphia. Over 70 vendors of beads, stones, jewelry and beady related items. I'm all aquiver let me tell you.....and I don't even know if we're going! The prospect of going to a bead mecca like that thrills me. (I was talking to the owner of the local pretentious bead shop about this last week, and no, she's probably not going, since 'I've been to Milwaukee (The BIGGEST bead show out here) and nothing else compares" What a snot! BEADS....EN MASSE! OmiGawd...It's heaven to me!!) Pause to wipe drool off my keyboard...

Vacuum cleaners. I know, I've ranted about vacuums a couple times on here. But Jeez Louise!! WHY don't any of these new vacuums work for shit? I killed the Shark (too bad, I really liked that one) and I have this piece o' crap Eureka sitting here, and now it's little brother, another Eureka POC that Obbie brought from his apartment. That is two NEW vacuums that suck, but not the way they should. I'm using a 20 year old Eureka canister vac. But the bags for that are problematic. NOBODY SELLS THEM!! Not Tarshaaay, Lowe's or Homie D. I think one of our missions today should be to find the Type H Eureka canister bags. When I find them, I'm buying a BUNCH.

On that note, I'm off for more coffee and some toast. Have a good Friday!

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