Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No, really, a penguin

Last night we went to the Vietnamese place for dinner. The owner/chef kind of knows us, so he was all hot to trot out some special dinners. Obbie had soup with chicken, shrimp and wonton, and I had the Korean beef and rice. It was all pretty yummy. This place also has some great grilled beef spring rolls. They're always exceptional.

After a trip thru Target (Tar-shaaay) we headed home. Big fun in the small town, let me tell you.

About 3:30 this morning, I woke up laughing from the strangest dream. Dr. Love and I went to one of his friends house and they had a penguin in their swimming pool. A real penguin. They got him from a landscaper in a bar.

But wait, theres more.

So I fell in love with this poor, nappy looking penguin, and was floating around on a raft with it. He was laying between my ankles, basking in the sun with me. My fingers were dragging in the pool water, and these little fish that looked like they were made of lettuce were coming up and nibbling on my fingers. Apparently it tickled, and that made me laugh. In turn waking Obbie and all the cats. When I get up, it's like a parade because everyone (cats not Obbie) thinks it's time to eat.

Korean beef before bed anyone? It might make you dream of penguins...

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