Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hair, Thai, and Public Relations

Don't worry your little heads. The orangey hair isn't anything to worry about. Back when I was a wanna be punk rocker, I tried having purple hair. Just how freaked out it made my Mom was worth any hassle I got from it, trust me.

No run on swearing at the furnace last night, dammitalltohell. I guess I know what I'm doing. (Famous last words)

Obbie & I went out for Thai food last night. We ended up being seated in the back room with another couple. They were rather put out about the restaurants BYOB status. After 10 minutes they were bitching about how slow the service was. "We should just leave." The loudmouth woman kept saying. I said not a word. (Chewed a hole in my lip, mind you, but didn't say anything.) Finally they both got up and left, grumbling about poor service, and how they're just going to the bar up the street to get some drinks. I cheered when they left the restaurant though. In my state of mind, I knew I would not have enjoyed my panang curry (red and extra spicy) while having to listen to their insipid nattering. A scene was avoided.

Speaking of Obbie, he's not the happiest of campers today. All kinds of meetings with one of their clients who has mistakenly thought that PR stood for "Investment Bankers". Riddle me this. If you hire a PR firm to get your name out into the world, isn't it up to you to take the exposure and make the most of it?

It's early and already I'm dreaming of the iced bottle of Stoli in my freezer.

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