Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Translation please

In Pennsylvania, as in all states, there are different regions. Each region has slang all their own. Obbie is from NorthEastern PA, specifically Wilkes-Barre, which is coal country. Some people refer to that as 'Coalspeak'. I'm learning as we go along. Examples (in no particular order):

Pitz - Pizza. But not any old pizza, but thick, square pizza. It's good, but it's really good cold.

You get pitz served in cuts, not slices.

Bott-l. Bottle.

Bott un. Button, of course. (Like bott l, it's like theres a hyphen or an apostrophe)

Granite Orchard. A cemetary

Close the light- Turn off the light. Also I've heard him say "Offen the light" too. They're both from PA Dutch.


Doopa-Ones butt (I'll smack your doopa)

Hadog. Hot dog. (All one word, 'we had hadogs for dinner last night)

Butt- Friend/Pal/Buddy. As in "Hey Butt hand me that hammer."

Mango- Nope. Not the tropical fruit. Green peppers are mangos 'up there'.

Hayna-Used instead of 'isn't is so? for real?

Jeet yet? Did you eat yet?

And there are lots more, but those kind of stick out in my mind. When I started consorting with my Okie friends, they had some interesting terms too. The best one I can think of right now is "Screwed the Pooch" which means to royally screw something up. "Boy Ed, you really screwed the pooch on that one"

Anybody have any other ones?

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