Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Monday Monday

Where does the weekend go? Jeez Louise! It seemed like yesterday that I was here in the gulag of non-speaking.

The weekend was fairly uneventful. Yes, we got snow. But it was only 5 inches or so. Big deal. There wasn't even any shoveling involved. But a nice snowy day is a good reason to stay inside and watch movies, do beadwork, snack, read and snooze. Which is exactly what we did. The beadwork project is complete, and no, it's not the one I'm donating to the auction. Thats next. This one I started last month. It consisted of two stitches I'd never done much with, and turned out to be a big fat pain in my ass. Now it's done. So there. I'll post it on the beady blog tomorrow.

We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday. Everyone wants to compare it to the old version. I'm not. I liked both. There are elements of both movies I liked, and elements I hated. I'm glad the new one did not have the Willy Wonka screaming and yelling meltdown in the end. Or the really scary, bad acid trip boat ride. I liked the nut shelling squirrels, and was greatly amused by the rotten Violet and her scary stage mother. When Netflix gets it back, I'll rate it four stars. Johnnie Depp's WW was pretty good, just a little more effeminate than I had expected. Oh well. Thats okay. I always thought Gene Wilder's WW was mean.

The dryer may or may not be fixed. If you recall, several months ago, the dryer would blow a fuse when it reached near the end of it's cycle. Causing me to howl and scream and say bad words. Mulie came over and checked the wiring and claimed there was something screwed up with it (No shit) So after sending Obbie to the laundromat every other week, and just generally being inconvienenced, I finally called upon Mulie to fix it. He hammered and banged around yesterday afternoon, and after a trip to Lowe's and more banging around, he says it is fixed. The dryer does run, and didn't shut off at the end of the cycle during the test run, but tonight is laundry night. So if you hear frenzied screaming from the East, it's me flipping out on the dryer. On one hand, it's a good thing, but on the other, that means I'm stuck with doing ALL the laundry, while Obbie sits in front of the television. I'll have to fix that somehow.

So there you have it. Another THRILLING weekend in the life. Oh goody, and tomorrow is Valetines Day, so I get to have another great VDay post. HA. I can't wait. See you tomorrow.

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