Saturday, January 14, 2006

Life in the Fast Lane

The dinner went fine, I ended up going back to the original plan of bacon wrapped scallops on the grill. With a lovely side dish of olive oil/garlic couscous. Mmmmm....couscous.. This dinner ended up like all the rest this week...with Obbie and I falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV. He dragged off to bed at 9:30, and I just remained passed out on the couch until he came to get me at Midnight. Life in the fast lane, indeed. (My Mother thinks I live 'life in the fast lane'. I sent her an email this week about meeting the governor and assorted muckety mucks in relation to the biodiesel project, so now it's life in the fast lane for me....or as she says, 'Its about time you start meeting people of a higher caliber....heh...thanks Mom)

I dreamed about a beaded bracelet last night. I have to sketch it out in the book first, then I think I'll try and make it. It's odd that I've been dreaming of jewelry lately. I've added 3 items to my little beady sketchbook this week. Unusual. I don't know what is stirring my creativity. Or perhaps I'm just sleeping more, and dreaming more. That sounds about right.

For some odd reason, I'd like a big coffee from Starbucks (I refuse to call them by the stoooopid names for sizes...REFUSE...It might irk the Starbuckians behind the counter, but that makes the coffee all the sweeter) I don't usually crave coffee from Starbucks, matter of fact, I generally avoid them like the plague, but for some reason, it would taste really good this morning. Perhaps while I'm oot and aboot later, I'll add SB to the list of stops (bookstore, health food store and Petsmart)

Barney and Maxx are nothing more than little eating and pooping machines. I didn't think the addition of two little cats would make such a difference. After all, one cat did die, and two much smaller versions took her place, so once would believe things would be kind of the same. But NOT. Gawd. The two little ones eat like they'll never eat again, and mother nature takes care of the rest.

Anyway, so I'm off to the super mega pet center for supplies later.

Big Fun Saturday here in the fast lane....

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