Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Howdy peeps.

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, but the boss was on a day long tear, and I was making myself small. Which, if you've met me, is no easy feat.

Plus I think I'm coming down with something. Of course, it's nothing good (nobody ever says they're coming down with a 100 pound box of money, and why is that?) and I feel not quite my usual perky self. I've got the large weight on the bridge of my nose (hiya sinuses! Thanks for reminding me that you're there!) and the cough that I thought I got rid of is back. Just some little coughs as a warm up, until I get to that big strangling hack that chokes me and sends me racing to the bathroom so I don't pee my pants (again) This sucks. I also feel all 'oogy', and tired. Damn the luck with having to do laundry tonight.

Monday ended with the high drama that surrounds the furnace going out. It's an annual winter event, to run out of fuel oil. And there is much rushing around, swearing and muttering. I know how to restart it, so thats not usually an issue. It was Monday night. By the time it was over and done with, I reeked of kerosene, but the house was warm. The oil truck came yesterday, so all is right with the world. I cranked the thermostat up to 70 last evening in celebration.

I'm just in another little funk, thats all. I think I'll indulge in some retail therapy this afternoon. Buying beads or shoes always cheers me up a little bit.

Pass the sinus meds, willya?

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