Friday, December 30, 2005


Yeah, yeah. I was rude yesterday. I'm sorry. I take it back. You rude fuckers out there in the world can keep on doing whatever it is you're doing. It dosen't affect me at all. I'll keep on keeping on here in my neck o' the world.

So here we are, at the end of the year. Everyone is reflecting back on 2005 and doing the whole year end review thing. Not to be left out of the crowd, I'll peruse my archive and see what I can come up with:

January marked the time when OP (As in Office Person, whom I work with) stopped talking to me. She and her hubby (both mentioned rather unflatteringly in the snarchives) spent a fair amount of time searching for mentions of themselves here, and got real pissed about it. That was followed by the now famous 'You're dead to me' speech, and 11 and a half months of relative silence. I'm sorry it happened, I'm sorry they got mad, but I did learn a valuable lesson. Don't get caught talking behind other people's backs. (Some people don't get caught, so it's supposed to be okay. Go figger.)

February. The Dog cost me a fortune. That Stupid Fuck Hunter S. Thompson killed himself. Ward Churchill 'became' someone (look up DUMBASS in Websters). I was hanging out with The Patient and had another non-Valentines day. Looks like February was the month of the Dog. With the last day of the month resulting in some major hassles.

March. Knee, knee, knee, knee. Hospital stay and the torn ACL and dislocated knee, and the bullshit that spawned from all that. Sponge baths, crutches, pre-meditated bathroom breaks, and a fucking brace from my hip to my ankle, closed with Velcro. Fuck March. Testing the Zen was a post in early March. I think that pretty well sums it up.

April. Spring! It was pretty good. Nice days weather wise, and the knee started to work again. I believe thats when I entered the wild world of physical therapy.

May. I started planning for my big road trip to Oklahoma. Boy oh boy what fun!! But I'm getting ahead of m'self there. The garden was popping and all was right with the world.

June. Road trip!! I drove to Oklahoma all by myself. God that was FUN! I met some nice people who I had only 'known' from the internets, and boy was it a blast! I can't wait until next time. I think I'll fly though. Wah hoo that was GREAT!! Also, the Dog went to live with Dad's Ex girlfriend. Best move I ever made, seriously.

July. I met Obbie in July. Our first date was to Dueling Pianos (oh look it up in the snarkives, it was great!!) We have lived happily ever after ever since. Mostly anyway. Did I mention he snores? I also got a terrible hair cut that month (and it hasn't been cut since, because of the trauma) I also started beading again.

August. Tomato season baby. And my birthday. And Hurricane Katrina. I was online so much I was nauseous with all the horrors coming out of The Gulf Coast. I'll always regret not going to New Orleans when I had the chance.

September. Beaching. Beading. Running around and the first craft show in 8 years. A good month, all in all, at least that I can remember.

October. More running around, more beading and having an interesting time of it. The big trip to DC, and the arrival of Barney and Max. Even reading about that makes my checkbook ache. Speaking of aching, the first year anniversary of my Dad's death rolled around and shrouded me with sadness for awhile. Obbie's mom passed away, so we kept each other afloat.

November. Puh-leeze. Seems like yesterday. Bertha died. Thanksgiving dinner was at my house, and was innnterresting. Obbie kept me sane (as it were) and life went on.

December. Read the blog. You'll get it. Yada, yada, bead, yada, cookies, yada yada TURDUCKEN, yada Christmas.

And here we are. My blog year in recap. Almost as boring as it was when you read it the first time, wasn't it?

If you go out tomorrow night, drink responsibly or have a taxi take you home! Have fun and


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