Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Why is it that "ASAP" goes thru me like a knife?

I cannot stand it. "This has to be done ASAP", "Call me back ASAP", "It needs done ASAP". Gah!
I hate it.

It's become the word for 'do it now'.

Excuse me, but ASAP stands for As Soon As Possible.

What happens if it's not possible to do it soon? I plan on doing it when I get around to it. It's not possible to do it right this minute, but as soon as I get the time, I"ll do it. But I do everything when I get the time. In order of appearance. Some things get bumped to the head of the list if they're more urgent than others, but all my tasks get done in a reasonable amount of time anyway.

ASAP my butt. ASAIGTI. As Soon As I Get To It. Sheesh!!

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