Wednesday, January 19, 2005

It's only a little SNOW

Here in Central Pennsylvania, we got a little snow today.

Big hairy whoop.

No, really. Only about an inch. Not nearly a big deal. At least to me.

It's amazing that people totally freak out about a little snow. If you've lived here all your life, certainly you'll expect snow in January.

It strikes me as amusing that as soon as snow starts falling, people start checking road conditions, and closings. The news channels websites are being hit time and time again, just to make sure something won't be closed without them knowing about it.

The grocery stores are mobbed with people rushing out to buy bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper. I've often pondered why the interest in bread, milk and eggs? I don't want french toast or and omelet when it snows, I want soup or stew or something that cooks long and slow and makes the house smell and yummy and warm. I honestly believe the weatherman get some kind of kickback from the grocery stores.

The Weather Channel is partially to blame for all this snow mania. I've dubbed it 'The Scare Channel' because they predict such gloom and doom weatherwise here in the Northeast. Big snowstorms are tracked from the Rockies, and we are constantly reminded that the big snow is on it's way...WITH GRAPHS AND CHARTS AND THE DOPPLER!! IN COLOR! Be still my heart.

Years ago, I palled around with some folks who were obsessed with the Scare Channel. If there was just a rumor of foul weather, they'd glue themselves to the Scare Channel. Waiting for the storm to come sweeping into their lives. One year there was a major blizzard. These guys TAPED the coverage. Really. Hours of storm footage. Actually, hours of pre-storm coverage, and more hours of storm and post storm coverage. They were made huge mock of at home. (I better be careful, since half the universe knows about this blog, they might find out too, and put me on the ever growing shit list) After the storm, they went out armed with yardsticks and video cameras to measure the snow for posterity.

I believe there was a blizzard here about two years back. On Valentines weekend. My major worry was that I'd be snowbound in the house with the boyfriend du jour....while ovulating. Alls well that ends well. He was stuck in Buffalo, NY (hoo..THERES a bunch of people who know about snow) and wasn't able to get to my house.

But I had bread, milk, eggs and catfood, so I was pretty safe.

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