Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sheesh aka The Blog of the Run on Sentences....

I read another forum today, yet another offshoot of the one from the old days. I have to say that I'm rather disappointed that people that I had such a high opinion of have to act like complete jackasses when they aren't being monitored.

I haven't read such rotten, vulgar, evil things about other people in a long time. And do you know why? Because of differences in political views. That started the whole thing. Unreal. It makes me sick. It's unbelievable. Whats worse, is that this is just a teeny, tiny portion of our country...I thought that to have differences was an acceptable thing, and that everyone is entitled to their opinon. I guess by saying such awful things about people, these people are exercising their freedoms, but damn. It's just sad. No wonder I stay out of political things. It's ugly.

I'm seriously considering getting off the forums altogether. I know, I said this in an earlier post, but this has just gotten really ugly. One of the forums is a total ass kiss a thon, for the people that started it. "Look aren't we cute, we'll post cute stories, and talk about our sex life, and our pets, and no matter what the conversation is, we'll swing it back to ourselves eventually" Yawn, boring.
Another forum is nice, until you hit the subject of religion or politics. Again, it gets ugly fast, and it isn't in my nature to actually go looking for a fight. I haven't posted there much because after the Janet Jackson nipple brouhaha, I got called immoral, indecent, and received a PM from a (then) moderator with a link to a religious site. The site was in reference to keeping one's mouth shut, and keeping one's opinion to themselves. The third forum where I spent a great deal of time, has recently gotten really ugly with the political stuff. Several of the posters there have left, never to return because of the vast difference of opinions, and just overall nastiness of the board these days.
Too bad too, because that one was the most fun of all.

I don't want to quit posting on forums. I don't think that people need to change their opinions, but if you can't have an intelligent discussion with someone without calling names or resorting to being ugly, you have no business in a discussion in the first place.

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