Thursday, November 18, 2004

Random Ramblings

Good desk looks like it threw up. Invoices, pens, pencils, adding machine tapes, tractor feed paper, phone notes...they're everywhere! I'm getting to it. Really I am. One stack at a time.
Patience please.

Oooh, a brand new, super humungous Bass Pro Shops is opening at one of the local Mauls. Oh goody. Help me out here. The Maul that it is located in is the 'urban' Maul. It has shown up in the newspaper more than once for gang related shootings. Stores that specialize in gold chains, baggy pants and hip hop music are very predomenent. So why bring in a giant Bass Pro Shops complete with bass pond, 20 full size animal mounts, kayaks on site, a driving range simulator and 200 antique firearms? I don't get it. There are two or three other area Mauls which I would think would be a better fit for a store like that. But perhaps its just me.

OP will be on vacation next week. That means more work for me, but honestly I can't wait. She's really been on my nerve lately. My horoscope has told me that I should be careful of people who proport to be my friends. Hmm. Thats a short list in the first place. She's got bigger fish to fry anyway. Her and her hubby sold their lot in NC for a HUGE amount of money. She's all but pissing herself over this whole thing. Gloat, gloat, gloat. I smile sweetly and say nothing. It's pointless, really. Dosen't involve me. But she's just too fucking smug right now, and it's really annoying. And now they are all in a dither, hubby 'has' to get a new truck, "oh dear, what kind shall I get?" Woe is me....Stop. Jealous? I don't think so. More along the lines of something my mom told me a long time ago. "People with horns don't HAVE to toot them."

Dishes will be done tonight. Dammit. I put hamburger out to thaw, but maybe I'll be in the mood for some pizza. My stomach is still kind of queasy. I ate lunch yesterday, but thats about it. Oh, and an oatmeal cookie in the afternoon. I had one with my coffee this morning for breakfast, and it's laying there uneasily.

The woman who is doing the executor duties for my Father's estate called yesterday. Her husband died yesterday morning. Ain't THAT a kick in the head. Okay, the grim reaper has done enough around here for the month. Death can go elsewhere for awhile. Take a holiday, as it were.

Now, back to work with you!!

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