Saturday, November 27, 2004

Movie Day

I belong to Netflix. 20 bucks a month for all the movies I want. I don't get my money's worth some months because the movies I get will sit until I'm in the mood to watch them.

Today I was in the mood. I watched two of the three I have.

The first was Cold Mountain, with Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellwiger. I read the book years ago, and really liked it. The movie was okay. Renee Zellwiger was great. I'm glad she won an oscar for it.

The second was a huge piece of tripe called The Day after Tomorrow. Yeah, sure there were special effects, but it didn't hide the fact that it was a piece of shit. And whats up with all these girlies swooning of Jake Guillehendal? Jesus, he looked like Marty Feldman a couple times during that flick. It was like the movie that wouldn't end. It was just too predictable.

The third movie is a Babylon 5 flick. I'm debating on whether I should just put it back in it's envelope and send it back to Netflix. One shit movie a day is about all I can handle. Anyway, college football is on, and I can watch that. Much less predictable. Well, sometimes, anyway.

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