Thursday, October 14, 2004

Shock n Awe

I am shocked and in awe that concert ticket sales were down this summer. I can't understand whats wrong with people who won't shell out 55 bucks to see a concert. Oh sorry, 55 bucks for the TICKET. Another 10 bucks to park. Want a t-shirt? Oh, we take VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover...shirts start at 25 bucks. (You can get a golf shirt with your favorite band on it, as well as golf balls emblazoned with their shit..) Why I remember when..oh no, I'm saving that for the end.

Anyhow, Fleetwood Mac was the sole concert I saw this summer. Went with the office partner and her hubby. Only because she had an extra ticket, and couldn't bear to eat the 55 bucks...Anyway, Exactly 2 hours of music. Timed perfectly. Nothing more. Nothing less. They rocked, mostly. But it was all very well choreographed, staged, timed and all the rest. Some kid two rows over from us had a cell phone, and was commenting into it about the show the whole time.

I doubt seriously if I'll ever go back to another stadium show. I think I'll stick to the local bands, or small up and comers who play in smaller venues, and give a little more soul to their performances. Eddie from Ohio is my example. They are pretty cool (thanks steve) and I can't wait until I can see them. Check 'em out sometime...

I've been to lots of concerts, but the best non-Grateful Dead one was KISS. Really. No kidding. Back in 2000. I think the first farewell tour. They were great. It was the epitomy of A Rock and Roll Show: Fireworks, trashy girls, loud guitars, theatrics, the works. It was great. I'll never see them again, because farewell is farewell, and in my opinion, it will be pretty damn hard to beat that.

Oh, yes, I remember the first Grateful Dead ticket I bought....12 bucks, the record store owner had a shoebox full of them under the counter. I still have the stub. (I still have the stubs to ALL the Dead shows...and most other concerts I've seen)

Rock on!

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