Thursday, September 16, 2004

Random Vacation Musings

Yes, I'm still on vacation. But I'm getting the bends from not blogging all week! I see all these things and I think, 'Oh man, I could blog about that' or 'I can't WAIT to blog that' so here I am. I found out today that we're staying another day, not that thats a bad thing, but I find it annoying to stay another day in the rain. I mean I could be home reading instead of being in a hotel room with granite beds. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Enough of that. Let the blogging begin!

Observation Number One: Some people act like assholes on vacation. I'm not talking drunken idiotic behavior, I'm talking, "Wait on me. I am on vacation. You are here to serve my every need" Just generally ignorant behavior. And it's equally divided between yuppie types and old people. When you're visiting someone else's town, indeed you are spending your disposal income there, and you are supporting their town, but you don't own it. Mind your damn manners. Hey, maybe thats the problem. Manners are a dying art these days. Hmm..

Observation Number Two: Well off appearing young professionals with children are jerks. I've had a bellyful of rude ass yuppies this week. Pushing the double baby strollers, the young momsies with their perfect tans, and perfect hair, and being oh, so chic...blech. They take up the whole sidewalk, and everyone has to move around them. They're so fine, us peons need to really stop cramping our style. (The harkens back to O#1 above) ("What do you mean, theres no arugula in the house salad....cavemen!") Steer clear of these chicks, 'cause whether you are shopping, eating, on the beach or in line getting coffee, you are insignificant in their world. It's all about them, and you will get stepped on, ignored or pushed out of the way.

More later. I'm going to sit on the beach and observe.

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