Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Not in the mood today

The second big day of not being in the mood. For anything. Hate it. Grrrrr...

Last night I introduced my Dad to my friend Mark, who is a handyman. Hopefully Mark will be able to take care of things around Dad's house for him. They hit it off well. Wood and tools. A shared interest.

I spoke to Jeff last night. He's moved out of the house, and is living w/PD. Apparently, he and Lisa have been doing nothing but fighting as of late, and he can't handle it anymore. Naturally, I haven't heard from Lisa for at least a month. Guess she's really steeped in her mid-life crisis. The whole thing makes me want to puke. She wants to be 'free' and run around and do things most 25 year old find embarrassing, and he wants to continue being a pot smoking antique dealer. Not my problem. Guess once she loses everything, she'll wake up. That statement is the reason she won't call me. She knows I'm right, and dosen't want to hear it. Yeah, best friends, my ass. Whatever. She can stick with loser-boozer pals, and get their feedback, since it'll justify HER loser-boozer habits. See ya. Later. Bye. Like she told me when I was trying to date again after I was free of Brook, "You have been through enough without having another drunk in your life." Boy she was right there, wasn't she? Asswipe.

See? Told you in wasn't in the mood. This whole beheading Americans business pisses me off too. Why aren't we going after those people? Or is this huggy-feely 'Make Iraq Democratic For Iraqis' bullshit getting in the way. Jesus. What assholes these people are. But King George says, "We have no women imprisoned there." But wait, this morning, we were going to release one. AFTER another American was beheaded. Give me a friggin break. Get us the fuck out of there, and them duke it out amongst themselves. Before any more Americans, civvys or soldiers have to die.

I'm going to go sit quietly now. Because I've reached the point where I might break something.

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